Get moving now with our fun and challenging stand alone classes! Classes are short, fast paced, and easy to jump into for some casual practice and learning. Once purchased, access to these videos is unlimited. Study on your own schedule and re-visit anytime for practice.

Shahrzad's Belly Dance Basics

Jump into this fun and easy class covering the basic posture and movements of Shahrzad's belly dance style! This class is great for beginners and dancers looking to brush up on basics.  

Level: Beginner

Duration: 50 minutes

Shahrzad's Belly Dance Basics

 Start belly dancing today!   

$20.00 USD

Available August 15! Golden Era Choreography

Learn an intricate and dynamic choreography inspired by the great Golden Era Egyptian dancers of the 40’s and 50’s! This choreography includes a variety of unique movements and combinations and is perfect to use both for the stage and in practice. Each section of the music will be broken down into a series of combinations taught step by step, then demonstrated with music, and finally put together into a full stage routine. 

The class comes with detailed notes including a full break down of the rhythms and instruments featured in each section. 

Level: Intermediate - Professional

Duration: 60 minutes

Coming Soon! Improve Your Practice

This class will give you the tools to maximize your learning experience and put together a personal practice routine to reach your dance goals! We will be working through three essential steps…

Evaluation: Learning how to identify areas in your dance to improve or evolve. 

Education: How to get the most out of the classes and workshops you take and how to search for knowledge outside the belly dance community.

Incorporation: Building the best practice routine to work towards your personal goals.