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Shahrzad Studios is an online learning platform dedicated to providing in-depth education on Middle Eastern styles of dance and music. In our classes and courses we guide students through anatomical movement breakdowns, musical training, and contextual and historical information on the cultures from which these arts originate. This comprehensive approach to learning will enable you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of each style and make the most out of your study. 


About Shahrzad

Shahrzad is a professional dance instructor and performer specializing in Raqs Sharqi as well as traditional and social dance styles from around North Africa and the Middle East. In 2015 Shahrzad moved to Egypt to live and work full time and has since made a career as a performer appearing in top night clubs as well as film and media. To supplement her 20+ years of dance training Shahrzad also holds several fitness certifications including becoming a PMA certified Pilates instructor in 2013.



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Learn an intricate 7 minute choreography along with Shahrzad's personal approach for interpreting Tarab music. 

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