A unique online learning platform connecting Dance, Music, and Culture from Egypt and beyond

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A unique online learning platform connecting Dance, Music, and Culture from Egypt and beyond

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A Unique Learning Experience...

Enjoy quality instruction from a faculty of talented Cairo-based instructors covering Middle Eastern dance, music, language, and culture. We offer a variety of ways to study both online and in person to suit every student's needs.

About Shahrzad

Shahrzad is a professional dance instructor and performer specializing in Raqs Sharqi and traditional and social dance styles from around North Africa and the Middle East. To supplement her 20+ years of dance training Shahrzad also holds several fitness certifications including becoming a PMA certified Pilates instructor in 2013.

She started her dance training at the age of 11 and began her professional dance career in her late teens working as a teacher and performer on the East Coast of the US. She began to get international recognition and bookings after several of her performance videos went viral online and she was hired to film a series of instructional DVDs by an international company. In 2015 Shahrzad moved to Egypt to live and work full time and has since enjoyed a successful career as a performer appearing in top performance venues as well as film and media.

During covid she started her businessā€™ Shahrzad Studiosā€™ which includes an online dance school, private dance and music programs in Cairo, and tours of Egypt. She currently splits her time between traveling to teaching dance workshops around the world, running her business from her home in Cairo, and performing and teaching at special events around Egypt.

What's special about our classes?

Learning Pace

Be in control of your learning experience! Throw yourself into the groove with our interactive live classes or relax and take your time dancing along with our videos and repeating as much as needed.

Cultural Connection

Our classes feature instructors with deep experience and/or heritage within the Middle East. We strive to add cultural context into our content to keep the arts connected to their origins.

Technical breakdowns

Our technique classes feature detailed anatomical break-downs of movements so that students can gain a deeper understanding of the dance and their bodies.


Develop the muscles you need to achieve top-notch technique! Our targeted conditioning workouts and warm ups are used to improve each aspect of technique and help prevent injury.

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