Shahrzad Studios Membership

Deepen your study of Middle Eastern arts on your own time with our extensive library of on-demand video content

Shahrzad Studios Membership

Deepen your study of Egyptian arts on your own time with our extensive library of on-demand video classes, courses, and lectures

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The Shahrzad Studios Membership provides students with an extensive video library of courses, classes, and lectures. Topics vary in level from beginner to professional and cover several subjects including dance, music, and Arabic language.



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Hip Mobility Training

Increase your mobility, strength, and flexibility in your hips with this mat routine! Our hips consist of many small muscles that are often neglected during general exercise routines and dance practice. Using targeted exercises and stretches for your hips can help improve your dance technique and help prevent injury.

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See What People are Saying

Rakhi Singh, India

Online classes have proven to be really valuable to me. Learning from Sharzad was a dream come true. Her online classes are really well-structured and thorough. Students can learn at their own pace using the user-friendly online studio platform. The best thing is that it caters to dancers of all abilities, from beginners to experienced, with a wide choice of courses to choose from. It's fantastic!

Shani Brown, USA

We all know Shahrzad has incredible technique, but her teaching is equally as amazing. She really understands body mechanics which translates to a deeper understanding of how to prevent injury (thank you!) and how to explain the various movements. Seriously my chest isolations got 10 times better after her bellywork zoom workshop! I also love having a membership to Shahrzad Studios. The course library has become somewhat of a reference guide for me! So good!

Irina Berezkina, UK

Shahrzad's online classes is one of the best things that happened to me since the beginning of the pandemic and kept me going and wanting to learn and dance. Her knowledge of bellydance muscular work is second to none and she helped me to make small changes which made a massive difference to how I dance and feel while dancing. Love the nerdy aspect of her classes and that all questions are answered properly and in great detail. I can't wait to meet her in person one day as she also seems like so much fun!

Jennie Marshall, UK

I really enjoy being part of the Membership. There's a great mix of content and so I always find something available to support my practice, whether it is technique, conditioning, musicality or material on cultural context. I really love the live classes but can struggle to put into practice what I've learnt at home on my own, having the recorded classes to practice with and review is hugely helpful.