Live Online Classes 

Connect and study with Shahrzad and Cairo-based instructors from anywhere in the world

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Live Online Classes 

Connect and study with Cairo-based teachers from anywhere in the world

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Enjoy learning, asking questions, and receiving feedback in our live Zoom sessions! We host regular live classes, workshops, and shows covering a wide variety of subjects ranging from dance to music to Arabic language with Shahrzad and guest instructors from Egypt and beyond. 

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Making Dance A Career

FREE lecture and Q&A with Shahrzad


June 30 6-7pm EET

In this lecture and Q&A session Shahrzad will be sharing her thoughts and experiences on work as a dance performer and teacher as well as what she's learned about building a successful and sustainable career.

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Online Private Coaching with Shahrzad


Shahrzad offers individualized personal coaching sessions to dancers of all levels who want deeper insight into their technique and musicality and guidance on how to progress in their training.

Each session includes the following...

  •  Introduction email in which we discuss current areas of challenge as well as over-all goals
  • Video assessment in which the student sends in practice or performance videos and Shahrzad makes detailed notes/feedback from which she builds a personalized program
  • 1 hour long zoom session in which Shahrzad uses technique breakdowns and drills to address the students specific needs
  • 'Homework' assignments, specially designed exercises and drills to help the student continue to improve

Coaching is currently available from June-August.

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