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Enjoy learning, asking questions, and receiving feedback in our Zoom sessions! We host regular live classes, workshops, and shows covering a wide variety of subjects.

  • We do not record live sessions
  • Missed classes can be refunded or credited towards future classes
  • Our booking site will show you class times adjusted to your time zone
  • Some of our classes are available in two time options to work for different time zones

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Intensive teacher's weekend

Lisa Zahiya and Shahrzad have come together to create a program that gives dancers the tools they need to develop their skills as movement instructors and run profitable businesses.

Being a great artist and dancer is one thing but what does it take to be a great instructor?

The reality is that there are a multitude of skills required to present safe, uplifting, and successful classes. We will walk through these essential skills in a series of lectures, demonstrations, and group exercises. Our goal is to give participants a strong base of knowledge and set them on a path of continuous growth.

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